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Attacama Desert - Chile_edited.jpg

The Attacam Desert in Chile - a fun adventure.

I am a graduate (2017) of the Energy Advisor Program.

​With a Bachelor of Commerce in finance, I have spent a large part of my career as a business development executive in the finance and lending industry in both Alberta and BC.

I always liked working with my hands and the dynamics of home construction.

After gaining experience in the construction industry as a general contractor, I recently built my existing home. This along with study material has helped me improve my knowledge of the  fundamentals and best practices of home construction, as well as the house as a system.  

​Choosing to be an Energy Advisor was motivated by my interest in construction and mechanical systems and the concept of energy efficiency.  


I also enjoy analysis, problem solving and communication, all key skills of being an Energy Advisor. It is important to communicate clearly while being aware of the home owner’s level of interest, needs and concerns.


I have a wide variety of interests such as golf, skiing, travel, gardening, woodworking, cycling and racket sports.

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