Pre Retrofit Evaluation

The objective of a pre retrofit Energy Assessment is to;

  • Review your home’s energy efficiency

  • Measure heat loss (where and how much)

  • Assess the efficiency of energy producing mechanical systems

  • Identify air infiltration areas

  • Make specific recommendations for improvements


  • I gather information on the building envelope components such as windows, doors and insulation, to assess heat loss.

  • I also perform a Blower Door Test which depressurizes the house and measures and locates where air is coming in or escaping the building envelope.

  • I review your heating /cooling system, ventilation system and hot water system. 

  • The assessment takes approximately 2 to 2-1/2 hour on site.


  • At my office, the data is modeled using Natural Resource Canada’s (NRCan) proprietary software, to produce the following reports;

An EnerGuide Rating​

  • Rates you house in terms of Gigajoules of energy used per year.

  • Indicates how it compares to a home built using today’s building code.

An Energuide Report 

  • Provides a wealth of information including,

  • How much energy is used by each  component (space heating, lighting, hot water heating etc.)

  • Where your home losses energy and how much  (doors, windows, walls, air leaks etc.)


Renovation Upgrade Report 

  • Recommend and prioritize potential improvements to make your home more comfortable and energy efficiency.

  • Provides a potential energy rating if you perform the improvements 

  • Illustrates how much less energy you would use and the associated annual cost savings based on today's energy prices.