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  • Cold or drafty house?

  • High energy bills?

  • Is my house energy efficient?

  • Where does the heat go?

  • How do I prioritize renovations?

  • I want to know about rebates?

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Post Retrofit Evaluation

After completing renovations a post retrofit evaluation reassess your house based on the upgrades and generate a new report.

This qualifies you for a Home Improvement Bonus of up to $2,000 (if you have done 3 qualifying upgrades). $20 for every 1% in energy efficiency improvement. 

There is a rebate of $300 if you perform both a pre and a post retrofit evaluation. 

Blower Door Test

A Blower Door Test is part of every pre and the post retrofit evaluation.

A fan blows air out of the house. The depressurization forces air to come in through the cracks.

This allows us to measure (in Air Changes per Hour) how much natural air infiltration occurs in the house.

More importantly it identifies the specific places that air enters or leaves your house.

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Rebates are available from the BC government,  BC Hydro and Fortis BC., based on improvements made to your home.

As a Program Qualified Energy Adviser in BC, I can walk you through them.

The Efficiencybc website is a complete source of information about rebates. Talk with an Energy Coach during business hours.