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  • The purpose of the Pre Construction Report is to;

  • Provide builders with a detailed  Energy Modelling of the House "as planned" using Hot2000 software

  • Recommend construction component or design changes in consultation with your needs to improve efficiency and meet the desired Step Code target

  • Generate and submit a Step Code Compliance Report which identifies the achieved level

Mid Construction Blower door test

In mid construction you have the option of performing a Blower Door Test.

The test is done after vapour barrier is installed and before drywall

We set up a fan in one of the doors and blow air out of the house, which depressurizes the house and forces air to come in through the cracks.

The purpose of a Blower Door Test is to measure (in Air Changes per Hour) how much natural air infiltration occurs in the house and to identify air leakage so they can be addressed when easily accessible.

Measuring ACH in mid construction identifies if you are on traget to meet the post construction ACH Step Code targets.

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Post Construction "As Built" Report

A final Blower Door test is performed at completion to determine the final Air Changes per Hour.


The house is remodeled and a new Energy Modelling report is generated

The calculations determine which Step of the Step Code is achieved.

A final Compliance Report is generated and filled on your behalf.

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There are a variety of rebates available to Builders to help defray the cost of Energy Advisor and Step Code. see rebates

There are also rebates available for various appliance