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Michel Lavigne is the owner of Briar House Energy Advisor.


He is a graduate (2017) of the Energy Advisor Program.

He gained experience in the construction industry after working several years with a general contractor. 

Having recently built his own home, he is familiar with the fundamentals and best practices of home construction as well as the house as a system.  

Choosing to be an Energy Advisor was motivated by his interest in construction and mechanical systems and the concept of energy efficiency.  

With a Bachelor of Commerce in finance, Michel has spent a large part of his career as a business development executive in the finance and lending industry.

Michel enjoys analysis, problem solving and communication with clients. He feels that it is important to communicate clearly while being aware of the home owner’s level of interest, needs and concerns.


Michel has a wide variety of interests such as golf, skiing, travel, gardening, woodworking, cycling and racket sports.